I need your help

to complete the world-wide German Naval Grid from WWII.

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What is done?

As of now I can plot all regular large squares and their sub-squares correctly as well as the outer shape of all irregular large squares. Therefore I can reconstruct the complete German naval grid at the level of large squares.

I am able to reconstruct the internal structure of all irregular large squares; however, I can only prove some of them, leaving reasonable doubt about their correctness.

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What is missing?

I am not able to prove squares NavalGridCalculator.Application.Ui.Models.Contribute.IndexModel. I have reconstructed their internal structure by analyzing surrounding squares and making logical assumptions based on general rules followed by the grid. Some are entirely unproven, while others are partially certain, but contain uncertain sub squares.

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What can you do?

Please contact me if you can provide charts or documents which may help to prove uncertain squares.

I would really like to hear your thoughts, analysis or opinions, especially if they differ from mine.

You can also support me with a donation, but honestly, money would never be as valuable as any of the above.

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