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Unknown, uncertain, not found?

I have tested every square and am confident that the internal structure is sufficiently proven to offer a conversion. However, I am aware that there may be contradicting sources out there.

If you think that any of the information is wrong, imprecise or doubtful, please let me know and help me improve the program by providing your thoughts or charts and documents that may be helpful.

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Why is it free?

I believe information should be as free and accessible as possible. If this site helps only a single researcher, that is payment enough. If it helped you, please send feedback and let me know.

Will it stay free?

Yes it will. There will never be advertisements or fees. But I can't guarantee that the service will be always available. In the future I plan to release the source code under an open source license. This requires cleaned-up code and complete documentation; both not existing at the moment.

Why did you do this?

I did it for the enjoyment of solving the riddle. Although I'm interested in the technology and history of the U-boat war of WWII, I'm pretty sure, I will never use this service, because I am not a U-boat researcher.

What are the costs to run this website?

I pay 145 EUR per year for domain and web space.

Why should I donate if the cost is negligible?

I don't expect people to pay for a free service and I won't be disappointed if you'd rather save your money. If you find this service valuable or useful, please send me feedback. If you think, this is just a big pile of crap, don't write me, because I don't care. If, however, you feel like buying me a beer, go ahead and donate, because this is how I will most likely spend your money.